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CardExchange® Producer 9.1

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CardExchange® Solutions is happy to introduce to you our latest version...CardExchange® Producer 9.1! With a complete newly designed main interface that serves the latest Windows 7 and 8 standards for interfacing, CardExchange® Producer exceeds expectations once again. Built on Microsoft's latest technology, the new CardExchange® Producer 9.1 now offers a flexible interface that is completely customizable to fit your needs. All the window panes can be docked in any position on the screen allowing you to set the interface up best for your situation; data entry, photo production, ID card production, etc. Easy! Just Dock it and Lock it! But that is not all... You asked, and we listened! Based on your input we made a huge amount of improvements starting with the Add Card Wizard to a redesigned interface. We made it more convenient by adding clear images and a better logical flow when selecting the things you need to see on your ID card. The new wizard has two pages less to get where you want...your newly designed ID card!

GO with new 2 Step Database Wizard and Record Lookup SelectionThere's more...We also gave our Database Connection Wizard an innovative improvement. Creating a database connection with the GO Edition has never been so easy! In two...YES THAT'S TWO CLICKS... you select the database you want to use and the flelds you want on your card design...that's it! Everything else goes automatically. When you select that you want a photo on your card design, CardExchange® Producer now automatically creates the entry for the database to store the photo. As a user, you can now define your record lookup list. Another way to make CardExchange® Producer your way! Any field available in the database can be displayed in the record lookup list that you want.  You can filter and search on this list you created. The time of only having a limited look up list is over!

Imagine you have created a new card template and want to make the exact same one with some minor changes? Now you can easily duplicate any designed template with just a click of a button. Need to transport the template(s) to another computer or location? CardExchange® Producer 9.1 now offers functionality to easily export one template, or multiple templates, and make them portable as a an encrypted protected file. On the other computer you can easily import the template(s) and use them.

So many other new things and improvements made available like a new color picker, adding modules to the Ultimate Edition for reading and writing of the Active Directory, Paxton Access Control read and write module, backup files for MIFARE® DESFire, multiple encoding on one computer for Zebra ZXP7 & 8 printers, EdiSecure Connect Driver support, new support of printers like Matica Espresso, Fargo DTC 1250e, text improvements, feature improvements, etc.... this is probably the best release ever and.... it is for FREE for our current version 9 users. So get your hands on the best release ever and download it today!

You are only one click away from entering the world of CardExchange®...be a part of something BIG!!!

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