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Introducing CardExchange® Admin Center

The new CardExchange® Admin is the central location to manage all of your cloud applications. It offers you the possibility to easily customize your cloud products to meet your specific needs. From creating your own business rules, workflows, personalization by uploading your company logo to controlling what every user can see and do with profiles and permissions, CardExchange® Admin puts the power in your hands.

CardExchange® Admin Center is WCAG and VPAT compliant with an intuitive design allowing for ease of use. With the ability to adjust the interface for your users specific needs, CardExchange® Admin provides the perfect solution for a custom interface. 

General Settings
Email Configuration
Configure Notifications
Groups and Filters

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Users Roles and Groups

Easily add new user, edit existing, or delete users from the system. Each user can have specific customized roles or a dedicated pre defined system role. Easily create groups and assign roles to easily setup roles for multiple users.

Email and SMS

Integrating your users by making them a part of the enrollment process has never been more powerful with the use of email and SMS texting. Create custom emails and SMS text to inform your users in regard to the changes of the enrollment process or the status of their ID. In the new CardExchange® Admin Center you are now offered a email and text designer to create your own customized messages.

Configure and Setup Applications

Photos, Profiles, Messages, Credentials, Departments, etc. all is configurable with the CardExchange® Admin Center. Via a clear menu structure you choose what you want to configure and intuitive screens will help you to define the correct values and/or information for each individual application within the Suite, including the setup for the mobile apps.

Data Archiving

The Controller CMS brings all your cardholders together in a easy-to-use and intuitive interface. It all starts with the person and the position within your organization, presented so that you can easily maneuver between specific information, address details, or setup new profiles and business rules. No more visits to multiple service desk for assigning access control rights or vending applications: Controller CMS brings it all together, centralized, one-stop enrollment, accessible on ANY device 24/7!

Manage Resources

Locations, Buildings, Rooms, and Lobbies... all needed to define a clear path of your enrollment. All these elements can be configure in the CardExchange® Admin Center offering a clear understanding where your ID holders will have to collect their ID.

Intuitive Dashboard

All your important information is now avaible in our new dashboard. The dashboard presents everything in regard to your users, how many active users and/or blocked users, etc. Also your enrollment process, how many are activated or need to be produced. A clear overview what is going on in your system.

Manage and Configure Processes

Define your credentials used inside your organization and assign and create categories to assign them to. MIFARE® Classic, DESFire, Ultralight, iClass, HID Prox, Digital ID, 1D Barcode, etc., and assign these credentials to your profile(s).

Configure Add-Ins

With our powerfull Add-Ins we offer an easy way to integrate third-party application like HID® Fargo Connect. CardExchange® Cloud Suite fully integrated HID® Fargo Connect and you can easily integrate the designs into your enrollment and print to all available print destinations available in the HFC consoles. Easily map all the Suite fields and print all the cards with the correct information at the right location.

CardExchange® Admin Center Highlights

  • Cardholder Management
  • Credential Management
  • Profile Management
  • Data Management
  • Card Life Cycle Tracking
  • Reporting
  • History Tracking
  • Notifications Management
  • User and Role Management
  • Photo Capture and Import
  • Photo Management Tools
  • Data Import Tools
  • Database Connection Support
  • Self-Service Portal Card Management
  • Self-Service Portal Photo Capture
  • Activate, Block and Request Cards
  • Powerful Card Designer
  • Card Printing and Encoding
  • Supports Any Windows Printer
  • Secure Microsoft Azure Hosting
  • Comprehensive Support Package
  • Database Connector Development Service
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Supports Most Browsers

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