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Controller CMS Product Overview
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CardExchange® Controller CMS
ID Card and Credential Management System
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Introducing CardExchange® Controller CMS

CardExchange® Controller CMS is the next generation ID card management solution containing advanced features for easy ID holder enrollment and credential management and the heart of the CardExchange® Cloud Solution. 

The Controller CMS streamlines every step of the enrollment and lifecycle process and secures and controls your ID management by creating consistency to your issuance, re-issuance, and renewal process with our custom-configured workflows. The interaction with the Controller CMS is done via a modern intuitive user interface that is fast and clear in how to be used.

With sophisticated business rules, user profile assignments, lifecycle management, and production of physical and digital cards, CardExchange® Controller CMS provides a flexible solution to meet your unique needs.

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Cardholder Management

The Controller CMS brings all your cardholders together in a easy-to-use and intuitive interface. It all starts with the person and the position within your organization, presented so that you can easily maneuver between specific information, address details, or setup new profiles and business rules. No more visits to multiple service desk for assigning access control rights or vending applications: Controller CMS brings it all together, centralized, one-stop enrollment, accessible on ANY device 24/7!

Credential Management

Managing credentials or credentails type is an easy and straightforward process with our Controller CMS. Define credentials for your profiles and define and assign any sort of credential type. MIFARE® Classic, DESFire, HID Prox, iClass, digital ID's, etc. can be easily configured.

User Management and Roles

You have unlimited options to add users to your system and you can exactly define what they are allowed to do, or not do. Give unlimited access or temporary access by defining active dates. Easily create your own specific roles and assign them to your users.

External Companies

Every organization deals with external companies like cleaners, plumbers, contracters, etc. Easily setup external companies and assign specific profiles to have maximum control of who may come in, and who may not.

Cost Account Management

Setup your cost accounts and use them in departments and business units to get an clear overview how enrollment cost are managed inside your organization.

Departments and Business Units

It is very easy to setup your departments and business units which will help you to get more insight on who is handling certain aspects of the enrollment, procurement, etc.

Issuance and Enrollment

The issuance and the enrollment of an ID within your organization is one of the key features of our Controller CMS application. The production and enrollment section offers a clear understanding of the status of your ID and leads by a simple click on a button controlled through the different stages of enrollment.

Advanced Face Recognition

Controller CMS offers not only the standard face recognition, it also offers powerfull functionality to compare photos with the stored photos, making sure the person is who he/she is. It also offers face similarity scanning and can even detect if people are wearing hats, sunglasses, etc. by allowing or not allowing accessories or head poses while taking photos.

Create your own look and feel

The Controller CMS is completely configurable when it comes to look and feel. Load your own logo to give it recognizable interface, change what you see, change naming of system labels, choose color themes, etc.

Credential Management

Define your credentials used inside your organization and assign and create categories to assign them to. MIFARE® Classic, DESFire, Ultralight, iClass, HID Prox, Digital ID, 1D Barcode, etc., and assign these credentials to your profile(s).

Application Management

Every organization uses applications to control card management and usage. Whether accessing a building, paying with student ID, blocking lost cards, etc. Manage all your applications centrally with the ability to define specific application profiles, connect your profile(s) to ensure that your back offices are informed when ID's are activated, lost, broken, stolen, etc.

Payment Support

Does your organization requires a deposit for each ID, or must students pay for replacements, or do you provide ID's for free? Simply define the different payment options and the ID card management will handle it as defined.

Location Management

Does your organization have multiple locations around the world or do you have multiple campuses? Setup unlimited locations within the Controller CMS and use them to manage traffic within your organization.

Unlimited Profiles

When it comes to secure enrollment, the definition of profiles is one of the most important aspects next to the enrollment itself. The profile defines what a cardholder can or cannot do within your organization, it manages the credentials and credential types as well the applications, and application profiles. Controller CMS intuitive process for creating unlimited profiles, guarantees smooth enrollment.

Configurable Business Rules

Defining when a cardholder may receive an ID has never been easier with configurable business rules within Controller CMS. Set the variables, define the terms, and only enroll what applies to the rules!

Powerful Reporting Tools

Reporting and Auditing is an important part of the Controller CMS. Our standard reports already give specific information about your cardholders or generate facebooks. Information in an audit is key, therefore we offer flexible configurable customizable reports, detailing your internal processes.

Notification Management Center

The Controller CMS is offering a powerful notification center where you can exactly define what and when and how you want to inform employees, students, but also back offices. Define notifications for SMS, email, connectors, and even define webhooks and excute them at any ID status!

Data Archiving

You only pay for what you use with the CardExchange® Cloud Suite. In Controller CMS you can easily archive data that is not being used and free up records within your subcription plan. Easily restore data if needed!

Controller CMS Overview
Controller CMS
Starting From $80 per month

Get in control with your ID Card Enrollment process and start today managing your card holders, profiles, and applications!

CardExchange® Controller CMS Feature Highlights

  • Cardholder Registration and Enrollment
  • Multiple Address Management
  • Multiple Card Profiles Per Person
  • Card Type and Technology Management
  • Card Production Approval Control
  • Card Issuance Approval Control
  • Activate and Block Cards
  • Assign Temporary Cards
  • Card Life Cycle Tracking
  • Activity History Logging
  • Advanced Search Tools
  • Standard Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Photo Capture and Import
  • Face Recognition
  • Automatic Photo Cropping
  • Automatic Photo Comparison
  • Photo History View
  • Manual Data Entry
  • CSV Data Import
  • SQLite/MySQL/SQL Database Connection
  • Oracle Database Connection
  • Archive Inactive People and Cards
  • Field Customization
  • Action Based SMS and Email Notifications
  • User and Role Login Management
  • Multiple Language Support

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