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CardExchange® Visitor Support Plans

CardExchange Solutions, Inc. prides itself on not only creating quality products, but providing rst-rate service. We believe that technology exists to serve the people. With CardExchange® we strive to give excellent support by providing many resources for our customers to nd answers to questions. Give yourself peace of mind and choose one of our Standard or Premium support packages for your CardExchange® Visitor. Our support plans provide guranteed response times, access to our support ticketing system, and more. Get started today and subscribe to one of our support plans options below to bring you a VIP experience like no other!

Benefits Overview
Phone Support
Product Forum Access
Online Manuals, Help Files, Videos
Email Support*
Free Product Version Upgrades**
Online Ticketing System Access
License Recovery Program
Discount off Professional Services***
Discount off Installation Packages****
Extended Support Hours*****
VIP Priority Support Email
VIP Remote Support
No Plan
Response Time 48 Hours
Response Time 24 Hours
10% on MSRP
10% on MSRP
Response Time 4 Hours
25% on MSRP
25% on MSRP
* Maximum response time within business hours
** Free version upgrade if there is a release during active plan
*** Discount on Template Design, Custom Reports, Training, etc.
**** Remote Install, License Activation, Application Setup,Template Setup, etc.
***** Monday to Friday from 7am EST to 8pm EST

CardExchange® Visitor Feature Highlights

  • Unlimited Visitor Registrations
  • Check In, Check Out Visitors
  • Returning Visitor Lookup
  • Visitor Blacklist Option
  • Visitor Vehicle Registration
  • Pre-Visitor Registrations
  • Pre-Event Registrations
  • Categorize Visitors
  • Categorize Events
  • Batch Check In, Check Out
  • Single and Double Sided Printing
  • UV Panel Printing
  • Batch Printing
  • Image Tools Editor
  • DirectShow and Twain Support
  • Visitor Auto Check Out
  • Set Badge Expiration
  • Setup Lobbies
  • Setup Departments
  • Setup Companies
  • Meeting Locations, Resources
  • Check In Email
  • Dedicated Kiosk Clients
  • Reception Mode
  • Import and Export Database
  • Login Feature
  • Producer ID Badge Printing
  • Photos and Signatures
  • ID Scan and Biometric Support
  • Report and Log Features

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