CardExchange® Cloud Suite
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From $80

The first of its kind: offering powerful tools for secure ID management processes within your organization, serving multiple verticals and provided as a Software as a Service solution, built on Microsoft’s Azure™ infrastructure, using proven technologies so it offers the highest security standards.

CardExchange® Producer
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From $145

Presenting one of the most successful ID card print production products on the market with five different editions that take you from an entry level solution to our Enterprise edition enabling unparalleled features.

CardExchange® Visitor
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From $295

Take maximum control of your visitors and minimize security risks with a few simple steps we make it easy to register, authorize, manage, and track visitors!

CardExchange® PriceTag
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From $295

Don’t waste time handwriting labels but automate with more effective results. Now there is an easier way; CardExchange® PriceTag is a seamless system for printing a professional, hygienic and durable price tag in quick and easy steps!

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