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What if you could have all your CardExchange products in one application?

Whether you want to run our ID card production or visitor management software, with our Gateway Suite bundle solution you get both our products in one application.

When it comes to creating products that enable flexibility, cost-effective, and ability to grow with your needs, Gateway Suite bundle solution provides a variety of benefits such as...

  • Cost savings by purchasing all our products in one bundle
  • One vendor for easily purchasing your products
  • One support plan for all products
  • One installation process for easy roll out of all products
  • Allow users to move easily from product to product
  • Efficient sharing of information among products
  • Shortened learning curve by having similar interfaces, features, etc.
  • Streamline product training with transfer of user skillset between products

Shopping and deploying new technology can be an arduous process. There are often multiple vendors that can offer similar capabilities, pricing models, and benefits, and making the right choice for your organization, with your unique needs, can take time and a pretty intense due diligence process.

As you are evaluating your technology needs and trying to find software and services to meet your needs and goals, consider the benefits of purchasing software as a package from one vendor, rather than going the "a-la-carte" route. Many software solutions providers bundle applications together to give users a more robust experience. For example, Microsoft® Office is sold as a suite that bundles its products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, all of the tools that an individual or student needs to get the most out of their home office experience.  Sure, you could purchase Microsoft® Word by itself, but the real value comes from the integration of the other products working together.

CardExchange Producer


Main Window Signature

ID Card Production

  • Step-by-Step Card Setup Wizard
  • Easy-to-Use Feature Rich Card Designer
  • Various Card Size Support
  • 1D & 2D Barcodes
  • No Mapping Database Fields
  • Every Card Can Have its Own Unique Settings
  • User & Group Profile Setup
  • Connect Card to External Database(s)
  • Support Excel, MS Access, SQL, ODBC, etc.
  • Print Production Reports
  • Batch Printing of Cards
  • Customize Field Labels
  • Format Data Entry Fields
  • MIFARE®, DESFire®, HID® Encoding
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding
  • Network w/Concurrent Users
  • Network Shared Data
  • Print Farm with Unlimited Printers
  • Windows Printer Support
  • Local and Network Licensing

Visitor Management

  • Visitor Check In & Out
  • Pre-Register Visitors
  • Easy-to-Use Badge Designer
  • Various Badge Sizes
  • ID Scan Record Lookup/Store
  • 1D & 2D Barcode Support
  • Visitor Check In & Out w/Barcode
  • Visitor Check In & Out w/Fingerprint
  • Visitor Check In & Out w/ID Scanner
  • User & Group Login Profile Setup
  • Categorize Visitor Types
  • Visitor History incl Old Photos
  • Require Signed Documents
  • Create Unlimited Documents for Signature
  • Set Check In & Out Policies
  • Create Visitor Events & Groups
  • 3rd Party Criminal Checks
  • One-Click Evacuation Report
  • Various Default Reports
  • Visitor Self Check In w/KIOSK
  • Windows Printer Support
  • Local and Network Licensing

More and more, it's becoming an industry norm for providers to offer software and services in packages or levels so that users have a comprehensive solution, while still meeting their budget.

When you purchase software as a full package, there are numerous benefits!

1. Improved Efficiency

When the individual components of a software platform are built to work hand-in-hand, it's typically because when used together, they improve efficiency and the overall user experience. Let's use a basic software package as an example. This example software package can be sold in one of different packages: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise, each with a unique set of features that integrate to increase a business' efficiency and success. The reason that it is bundled is because the different solutions that relate and work together to improve a business' overall goals in an easy way. Even if you don't use all of the different tools that are included in the package, at least they are at your fingertips the moment you are ready to use them, rather than having to return to the proverbial drawing board to implement yet another tool.

2. Increased Productivity

Efficiency and productivity often coincide with one another. When you and your team are more efficient with your time and resources, naturally, you become more productive. Our Visitor Management software is offered together with our ID card productions software. In a case where you have a business with the need to have employee badges and visitor management, you have an all in one solution. The two products allow users to efficiently work through creating a security solution for not only employees, but visitors as well. It enables to know who is in the building at all times and prevent unwanted people from getting into your building. The two programs packaged together allow businesses to quickly create and produce cards and badges which improves efficiency and productivity.

3. Less Employee Training

Anytime you implement new technology, there is going to be training involved—it is inevitable. Since you're likely making a sizable investment, you want to ensure your institution is getting the most out of the technology, and that usually requires in-depth training and access to support tools and staff from the vendor. Purchasing software as a package has the added benefit of only requiring your staff to learn one system. Fewer systems to learn equals less training, a faster adaptation rate by your employees, and ultimately, increased productivity.

4. Fewer Relationships to Manage

How many vendor relationships do you currently have? It can be time-consuming to oversee and communicate with all of the different vendors required to keep your organization running. Software products, in particular, have regular enhancements, updates, and changes, and having a close relationship with vendors and providers ensures that you're notified and kept up-to-date. Having fewer vendor relationships to manage is yet another benefit of purchasing software as a package, rather than individual products from separate vendors.

5. Less Overall Cost

Sometimes the cost of a complete software package can cause quite the sticker shock when it's looked at as a whole, but when you dig deeper and consider the real value, you'll find that it is often less expensive to purchase software as a package rather than individual products. Similar to buying things in bulk, or having a "two-for-one" deal, purchasing software packages can come with significant discounts. Furthermore, when you factor in the reduced implementation costs—remember, you're only implementing one system, at one time—reduced training time, and reduced time managing vendor relationships, it seems like a no brainer. When the individual components of a software system are integrated, working together to improve your experience as a user and help you reach your ultimate goals, the value of the package can't be denied. There is a value of having all in one easy-to-navigate dashboard. Each of the features works together to streamline the entire card production and visitor management process, making them far more valuable as a whole, rather than individual services scattered across disparate systems.

We invite you to download our FREE trial today and see for yourself how CardExchange® can make a difference in your organization.




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