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CardExchange® PriceTag
Design Professional Food Labels
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Meet CardExchange® PriceTag

Creating food labels can be time consuming and the results can be unappealing. Handwritten, laminated paper labels often peel apart, stain or discolor - their fibers can even contaminate food products. Don’t waste time handwriting labels when you can automate with more effective results. Now there is an easier way; CardExchange® PriceTag is a seamless system for printing a professional, hygienic and durable price tag in quick and easy steps

Two-thirds of shoppers said they would feel more confident purchasing from an independent retailer where they could clearly see the allergen/nutritional information on display. Six in ten said they find it hard to read the labeling / food allergens and nutritional information when browsing their local retailer’s products.

Create Labels Using Wizards

Creating food labels has never been more easier using our advance wizards. Within a few clicks you have have created professional looking labels, ready to be printed.

Create as many labels as needed, CardExchange® PriceTag has unlimited labels and can be used with any ID card printer.
All your information safely storted in the internal database, always ready to be reused.

An Easy Designer is all you need

The powerful designer that comes with PriceTag offers all the design tools needed to create the perfect label.

CardExchange® PriceTag comes with an extended library of images that can be used freely in your designs. It also included special fonts to create that chard board look and feel.
No matter if you are using white or black cards, the designer can simple run in the mode so you can see directly the result of your creation before printing.


CardExchange® PriceTag Feature Highlights

  • Pre-Defined Product Database
  • Easy Data Import Function
  • Manage Product Pricing
  • Manage Ingredients
  • External Database Support
  • Pre-Visitor Registrations
  • Pre-Event Registrations
  • Categorize Visitors
  • Categorize Events
  • Batch Check In, Check Out
  • Product Category Filters
  • Updated Since Last Print Search
  • Food Labelling Compliant Templates
  • Pre-Defined Editable Card Templates
  • Step-by-Step Card Design Wizard
  • Supports Multiple Card Sizes
  • Text, Image and Drawing Objects
  • 1D and 2D Barcodes
  • Print Using Any Windows Printer
  • Single and Double Sided Printing
  • Library of Over 350 Images and Icons
  • Allergen Icons
  • Dietary Icons
  • Product Images
  • Batch Printing
  • Login Feature
  • User and Group Profiles
  • Multiple Language Support
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