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CardExchange Producer/Visitor

Version (27-Nov-2020)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with the Crypto settings for Desfire encoding with Elatec encoders
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with image rotation where the previous image was loaded instead of the correct one
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with the Omnikey 5x27 encoders where the ATR response was not handled correctly for some card types
  • New Functionality: Added inline encoding support for Magicard Prima 8 600DPI (CX-D80H)
  • New Functionality: Added support for Canon EOS SDK 13.13.0

Version (02-Oct-2020)

  • Improvement: Added support for MySQL DataTime format
  • Improvement: Added option to force a character set of a string for MySQL connection in the Advanced Options menu
  • New Functionality: Added laser engraving support with IDP Smart 70 Laser engraver printer modules (Plugin required)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Controller CMS plugin when the chip serial number is set to Null
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an exception when opening the advanced options dialog

Version (26-Aug-2020)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Printer Server missing initialization files causing a unified API error from licensing (Status Code: 210011)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue when encoding with Elatec encoders

Version (07-JUL-2020)

  • Improvement: CardExchange Producer is much quicker to close now
  • Bug Fix: Potential fix for an issue that crashed the application when a variable would be created or edited.
  • Bug Fix: fixed an issue that made LDAP take much longer to load than necessary

Version (09-JUN-2020)

  • Improvement: Added the extra free fields to the data-source plug-in for Controller CMS
  • Improvement: Added an advanced option "Disable eject the card for encoding only"

Version (10-APR-2020)

  • Improvement: Added a better exception handling to avoid a software crash using PDF417 barcodes when the data to encode is not supported by the barcode
  • Bug fix: Fixed the write command itself and the way the file settings were created when using Eletec TWN4 encoders for Desfire encoding
  • Improvement: Added Mifare classic support for EWTJ-680S reader (Fitted in HiTi Printer)
  • New Functionality: Added support for magnetic encoding with HiTi printer

Version (25-MAR-2020)

  • Improvement: Solved the image editor memory leaks which were more focused in the rotation features
  • Improvement: Improved error and memory handling to avoid out of memory errors when the preview is bigger than 100%

Version (10-MAR-2020)

  • Improvement: Card movement flow for external encoding with IDP Smart 70 printers
  • Improvement: Smart Mifare encoding option has been reenabled
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with inline encoding print flow using SDKL print engine

Version (21-FEB-2020)

  • Improvement: Updated CXD80 support
  • Improvement: Improved error handling during Automatic Printing
  • Improvement: Application is now Large Address Aware, increasing available memory usage to 4GB
  • New Functionality: Added localization for Czech and Slovak.

Version (23-JAN-2019)

  • Improvement: Added combo-box filters to Visitor list for 3 month, 6 month, 12 month and all, live filtering as well.
  • Bug fix: Host was lost in between the steps on kiosk, was also selecting always one and now it's a list and it will send the notifications.
  • New functionality: Added option to set Cloud authentication/data url’s in config utility.

Version (17-DEC-2019)

  • Bug fix: Removed verification of SDKL printers available since it's done in the PrinterPlugins.
  • Bug fix: Solved some compilation warnings and replaced the 3 difeerrent MySql.Data.dll versions with NuGet packages for
  • Bug fix: Removed mysql data client hardcoded outdated version from app config files, so it uses the correct version managed by NuGet.
  • Bug fix: Data now cannot be purged if customer is not CheckedOut.
  • Bug fix: Sending emails to multiple recipients now works, the e-mails must be separated with semicolon ';' and can have spaces in between the semicolon and the next e-mail address.
  • Bug fix: The Controller CMS v1 data-source plug-in was unable to communicate with the Web API on Azure.

Version (08-OCT-2019)

  • Bug fix: Resolved CRC or MAC does not match data or padding bytes are not valid error when using Omnikey encoders and changing the master key encryption to AES

Version (03-OCT-2019, Installer only)

  • Bug fix: Added missing Zebra sdk files for ZC350 to the installer

Version (02-OCT-2019)

  • Bug fix: The data-source plug-in for Controller CMS version 1 was giving bad-request errors as a result of the implementation of Anti CSRF tokens in the back end
  • Bug fix: Added the Mysql.Data.DLL file to Designer, check when it's a MySQL.DateTime or an System.Int32 and send it to the right conversion method
  • Bug fix: Solved issue with Zebra ZC350 USB Mifare encoding
  • Improvement: Added aditional printers to the CardExchange.core project to be supported for Mifare encoding (Magicard 360 NEO (V2), Magicard Enduro NEO (V2), Magicard Pronto NEO (V2), Magicard Enduro3E (V2), PPC ID 3000 (V2), PPC ID 4000 (V2), Magicard 500 (V2), PPC RTP 7500w (V2), Zebra ZC300 USB Card Printer, Zebra ZC100 USB Card Printer)

Version (18-SEP-2019, Installer only)

  • Bug fix: Fixed incorrect value in .net prerequisite check that caused an error installing .net 4.8 on Windows 10 build 1903

Version (17-SEP-2019, Installer only)

  • Bug fix: Fixed error in installer where config utility would be called on uninstall
  • Bug fix: Suppressed error message regarding connection string not being found when updating

Version (13-SEP-2019, Installer only)

  • Bug fix: Added missing smart70.printer.dll
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue in installer sequence regarding updating the config files

Version (12-SEP-2019)

  • Improvement: Controller CMS 2 connector - Added the free fields to the person properties
  • Improvement: Controller CMS 2 connector - Implemented storing photos for the persons table
  • Improvement: Controller CMS 2 connector - Implemented storing photos for the production table
  • New functionality: Updated Producer to work with Magicard 300 and 600
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue with Rio Pro 360 and later driver versions
  • Improvement: Controller CMS 2 connector - Added the profile name the production table
  • Improvement: Controller CMS 2 connector - Make sure all production fields are also available for filtering
  • Improvement: Controller CMS 2 connector - Added user-friendly names for the Controller CMS plug-in fields
  • Bug fix: Fixed issues with SmartComm2.dll for IDP Smart 31 and 51 printers
  • Bug fix: Updated Smart70 dll and fixed Mifare issues
  • Improvement: Added embedded resource scardsyn.dll for Magicard
  • Bug fix: Corrected Magicard printer names in printerlist.ini file

Version (29-AUG-2019)

  • Improvement: Enable print upload using WMI only if has SerialNumber or changes
  • Improvement: Change portal url to
  • New functionality: Add movement command for Datacard XPS printers to move to Contact position
  • Bug fix: Removed vPortal option from accounts setup dialog
  • Bug fix: Corrected the reference to SentinelLicensing in GatewayExchange.Licensing
  • Bug fix: Added a missing reference to Smart70.printer.dll
  • Bug fix: Change to avoid overflow exceptions when closing CardExchange
  • Bug fix: Improvements to Magicard SDK implementation to remove warnings
  • Bug fix: The visibility of the manual-entry pane was not set in accordance with the manual-entry license
  • Bug fix: Avoid null-reference exceptions when there is no mappings collection
  • New Functionality: Added Contactless positioning support for SwiftPro K30 and K60
  • Bug fix: When clicking the help file, it always showed the local file instead of the web site
  • Bug fix: When choosing View - Restore view - Restore previous at the first start-up, the message "There is an error in XML document (0,0)." was shown
  • Bug fix: Resolved issue with LATAM license validation
  • Improvement: Controller CMS 2 connector - make sure that no photos are downloaded when the data-source plug-in retrieves the person list
  • Improvement: Implemented automatic printing for the data-source plug-in
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug in the plug-in framework, which was not able to handle Guid-type keys
  • Bug fix: When the login window for the Controller CMS 2 connector was invoked from the Database-setup wizard, a null-reference exception occurred

Version (17-JUL-2019)

  • Improvement: Removed PhotoExchange from CardExchange Producer and Visitor
  • Improvement: Moved hardcode URLS into app.config
  • Improvement: Renamed a product reference in a variable name for application user in locking form
  • Bug fix: Fixed “CRC or MAC does not match data or padding bytes are not valid” error when changing Desfire encryption to AES
  • Bug fix: "Perform automatic face crop" radio button was available under photo options in Premium edition
  • Improvement: Added a function to CardExchange.Config that allows for inserting the fingerprint friendly name into Sentinel Cloud configuration file
  • New functionality: Enable upload of printer information for Producer
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue when adding a Data Matrix GS1 barcode
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue with Elatec readers Changing key Settings and creating applications
  • Improvement: Updated Producer and Visitor splash screens
  • Improvement: Upgraded .Net framework to version 4.8
  • Bug fix: Fixed the PixelsPerDip warnings
  • New functionality: Magnetic encoding implemented for Zebra ZC350
  • New functionality: Mifare/desfire encoding implemented for Zebra ZC350 (USB only)
  • Improvement: Added option if printer is not implemented in Printer Plugins, it will use GDI+ by default
  • Improvement: Updated SentinelLicensing.dll to v10 to avoid issues with the installer
  • Improvement: Made SentinelLicensing a project reference
  • Improvement: Changed the CMS datasource plugin name to 'Controller CMS'. Only the text in the resource files was adapted
  • Improvement: Set the referrer when calling the e-marketing system
  • New functionality: Implemented LATAM validation
  • New functionality: Added Twain support to Visitor
  • Improvement: Updated icons for Printserver and Dispatcher
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue with signature cropping using Topaz
  • New functionality: Added support for inline encoding of contact smart cards (just card movements)
  • Improvement: Changed Newtonsoft.Json references to NuGet packages
  • Improvement: Replaced some twain exceptions with log file records to avoid unnecessary errors to be shown to the user

Version (01-MAY-2019, print server only)

  • Bug fix: When running the print server, the database migration tool was not invoked. For a fresh installation, this would cause the print server to fail with the error message: "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source".

Version (02-APR-2019)

  • Bug fix: Updated the printer plugin dlls to fix an issue with dual print stations on the IDP Smart 70

Version (27-MAR-2019)

  • Bug fix: Loading Photo options caused unhandled exception with Canon EOS C++ wrapper
  • New functionality: Implementation of an advanced setting to move the card into the contact position instead of contactless

Version (15-MAR-2019)

  • Bug fix: Added dynamic linking to Canon SDK to avoid conflicts with photoexchange
  • Improvement: Updated the ByteScout subscription and DLL
  • Improvement: Updated IDP Smart 70 DLL on PrinterPlugins binaries and components folder
  • Improvement: Removed the dependency on DefinitionExchange from CardExchangeDesigner
  • Improvement: Updated DefinitionExchange to the .NET Framework 4.6.1

Version (04-Mar-2019)

  • Improvement: MySQL DateTime improvements
  • New functionality: Added support for both HID Prox H10302 and H10304
  • Improvement: New CANON C++ Interface - App implementation
  • Bug fix: Slow performance and timeouts when running with MySQL: Added indexes to MySQL
  • Bug fix: Corrected issues with dimensions of Mifare wizard
  • Bug fix: Mifare AES and Cyclic fixes
  • Bug fix: Changed the ResetConnectionString from hardcoded path to a relative path
  • Improvement: Changed label under print options -Print action for batch printing when image is not available
  • New functionality: Added Canon EOS support to CardExchange Visitor



CardExchange PriceTag

Version (05-MAR-2020)

  • Improvements: Updated to the latest release of GatewayExchange version
  • mprovement: Updated chm help file and location
  • Improvement: Upgraded .NET Framework to v4.8
  • New Functionality: Added Czech and Slovak localizations
  • Bug Fix: Encoding Improvements with SDKL print options and select printers

Version (24-Jan-2020, Installer only)

  • Bug fix: Fixed issue with .net 4.8 redistributable.

Version (30-Sep-2019, Installer only)

  • Bug fix: Fixed incorrect image paths on card templates
  • Bug fix: Added missing entry in config file to communicate with license server

Version (14-May-2019, Official release)

  • Bug fix: Fixed the printer list bug in printer options dialogue that was not showing all printers
  • Bug fix: Fixed an error that was not allowing the software to run without internet connection

Version (10-May-2019, Official release)

  • First release of CardExchange PriceTag



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