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TrustID License Editions

We can honestly say we are really proud of our TrustID software.  With features that not even most of our competitors have, TrustID is based on the most successful ID card software product on the market, CardExchange® Producer. Offering five (5) different editions that take you from an entry level solution to our Enterprise edition that gives you unparalleled features.

With features such as connecting your card to unlimited databases, including web services, to sophisticated contactless encoding applications, we have it all. Need biometric record lookup? We have it. Also support for the latest contactless encoding for MIFARE® Classic and DESFire is supported. Need to control what every user can see and do? We have it. Want to run on a network spread over the world? We can do it.  Need a special device supported that is not currenly supported? We can add it.

SKU: TT4020
TrustID CLASSIC Edition

Easy to Use wizard
Internal Database
Ghosting Images
1D Barcodes
Internal Database

Local License

$145.00 USD

- +
SKU: TT4030
TrustID PREMIUM Edition

All Card Sizes
Unlimited Cards
Batch Printing
Signature Pads
MS Excel, MS Access

Local License

$265.00 USD

- +
SKU: TT4040
TrustID PRO Edition

ODBC Support
True Live Push/Pull
Face recognition
Auto Print Server

Local License

$695.00 USD

- +
SKU: TT4060
TrustID PRO-SMART Edition

Multiple Clients
ODBC Support
MIFARE® Classic 1K/4K
Face recognition

Local License

$895.00 USD

- +
SKU: TT4070
TrustID PRO-SMART+ Edition

Record Expiration Date
ID Scanner Support
Finger Print Scanner
LDAP Read/Write

Local License

$1,595.00 USD

- +

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